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  1. D R
    D R says:

    No, to the serrated knife but YES to a chef knife. If you ever use one and learn from food network how to properly use it, i can about guarantee you that you will ask yourself WHY did i ever use anything else. 😁
    You have so much control over the Chicago Chef knife and it's soo much faster. I don't use anything else. I bought 3 extra just in case. Lol
    P.S.. By the way, fyi, they just released a "Crockpot" brand pressure cooker. I saw then at Bed Bath and Beyond. 😁

  2. Janet Pirkle
    Janet Pirkle says:

    I made some using your recipe and I really did like it so thank you for sharing that. And yes I have a little ninja chopper and I chopped my chicken up in it ,,, so much better being small like that. And also if I have chance of hamburger when I’m cooking that I chop it up so that it goes further.

  3. Travfoodloca
    Travfoodloca says:

    ohh…my.. I bought my Instant pot 6 months ago…I have not used it yet…thinking about cooking beef or chicken rendang…..still learning how to use it…thats really help..thanks ibu Julie….use scissor cutting food …pak Martin ..like.huhh..thats weird….we already weird….hehehehe…lol..using scissor cutting food …its very common nowadays…it was introduced either by Chinese or Korean people cutting bulgogi meat…shredded meat/chicken using robot coupe….not blender….:)… now after watching this.. now I could use my instant pressure cooker to cook rendang ..curry…and nasi kuning……you know..pak Martin…Ayam goreng and nasi uduk…rendang..are crack…can be addicted…soooo goooddddd..lol

  4. S Resty
    S Resty says:


    Presentation is everything you might want to close all open doors and try to make your set up more appealing it is too bland and distracting with those open doors, also narrow the focus. Also the lighting contributed to the blandness. All this needs to be plan a head of time how inviting for your viewers,
    Did that recipe really call for two stick of cream cheese that was a lot. I would have added vegetables or olives something
    . In all due respect


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