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This Italian dish is filled with ripe tomatoes and parmesan cheese. A classic Italian plate without all the carbs! The parmesan cheese is simmered in the chicken …
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  1. Scriptease123
    Scriptease123 says:

    The only thing I will comment is the use of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Dark meat has more flavor because it has more pro-Keto fat, and pre-cooking chicken ON THE BONE is also more economical.
    I purchased a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters for $4.71. I broiled them in the oven, well seasoned for the dish the chicken would ultimately be going into. Some was seasoned for Chicken Curry, some (like this dish) for Alfredo, and some for Chicken Tikka Masala. The 10 lb bag yielded 6 pounds of meat, about 1/2 pound of crispy skin and 3.5 pounds of bones to make homemade bone broth. I eat about 1/2 pound of meat for dinner, so with the other ingredients, I made 12 dinners for about $25. Who says you can't do Keto on a budget?!

  2. Irene R.
    Irene R. says:

    💜Oh my goodness…my mouth was literally watering. Thank you for showing us these delicious meals. I DO NOT like to cook, but enjoy a good meal, and you are making it easier for me 🥰💜


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