Julia Child's Hard-Boiled Egg Trick Is Almost Impossible To Fail

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Hard-boiled eggs might seem like one of the easiest things to make in the kitchen…until you actually try to make them. They’re actually notoriously finicky, from …

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  1. J Fess
    J Fess says:

    The pressure cooker advice for high altitudes is almost, but not quite right. Every pressure cooker that I have seen raises the pressure a given amount above the ambient atmospheric pressure. At high altitude, the ambient atmospheric pressure is lower than at sea level. This means that the absolute pressure inside a typical pressure cooker is slightly less at high altitude and the boiling water slightly cooler. The temperature difference is much less with a pressure cooker, so it may not be noticed, but it does exist.

  2. Kay Meuwissen
    Kay Meuwissen says:

    I’m in a nursing home I’ve seen many undercooked eggs my mom used to say fresh eggs will stick to the shell when peeled the nursing home eggs I’ve seen under cooked and runny whites.

  3. TonyBSyr
    TonyBSyr says:

    Works perfectly and very easy to peal. Other good use is use insta pot to boil red potatoes for potato salad. They don't come apart like they do when you boil them in a pot of water.

  4. interwebtubes
    interwebtubes says:

    No ,

    My grandmother taught me how to make perfect hard – boiled eggs every time,

    Simply place the uncooked eggs into the pot that’s full of tap water and bring everything up to a boil and after it comes to a boil,

    Simply place the pots lid on top of the pot and turn off the heat,

    And then simply put the lid of the pot on top of pot and let everything
    Rest for exactly 10 mINUTES,

    And after those 10 minutes are up just hold the lid into place and pour out the hot or very warm water while holding the lid in place along with your eggs,

    While pouring out the hot water but keeping your eggs inside of your pot but allowing the water to pour out,

    And after the hot water has been all poured out,

    Then put your pot under the sink faucet and fill up your pan with cold tap water,

    And after your pot is full of cold tap water,

    Simply place the lid of your pot back on to your pot and while holding the lid on your pot with the cold water along with your cooked eggs,

    You have to briskly shake everything around in order to break all of the shells of your cooked eggs,

    It only takes a few seconds to complete this part ,

    And after all of your shells are broken,

    Hold the lid of your pot in place and pour off that cold tap water keeping your eggs inside of your pot,

    And after everything is poured out of your pot,

    Then you have to take your time peeling all of your eggs either in a dry pot,

    Or even in a pot where you have added additional water to;

    This procedure takes a bit of manhandling;

    However you will get perfect hard boiled eggs every time,

    I really don’t know about high altitudes? ;

    But I personally believe that this
    Procedure will work just the same at high altitudes;


    Please let everyone know as to your results

    Happy cooking

    Peace out


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