Jackfruit pot roast style in my slow cooker!!

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Hey family!! So last night i decided to make jackfruit, pot roast style in my slow cooker and MY GOD MY GOD!!! I can’t believe how this flavor and taste took me …
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  1. nikki10bmo
    nikki10bmo says:

    Your food and your hair looks beautiful. My son just had me try fresh jack fruit for the 1st time. I liked the flavor but read that it could be used in place of meat. Thanks for the recipe! Now I can share it with him.😋

  2. Amara Turner
    Amara Turner says:

    Hi Tab wanted to give you a tip cooking the jackfruit… There is a technique you have to do before using it to get it more of a chicken consistency. First when rising use a paper towel and press it down firmly to remove access water. Then get you a pan or aluminum pan and line it with parchment paper, pour in the jackfruit and sprinkle with salt. Then put in the over on 250degrees occasionaly stir the jack fruit every 5-7 minutes. Keep doing this until you feel the jackfruit is firming up or until you see it start to turn a little brown. Know it's recipe ready 😉

  3. Lisa Herron
    Lisa Herron says:

    Thank you Tab for this video…
    I've been in my local stores looking for Jackfruit. I must remember they don't have such things. I'm looking forward to doing a pulled bbq jackfruit with pickles and slaw sandwich… Yes Lordt!!!


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