I’ve been eating this for as long as I can remember, this is my Mums Chicken Ala King recipe

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An absolute classic! I’ve been making this chicken ala king for years. The recipe was handed down to me from my mum, who used …

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  1. sharon richards
    sharon richards says:

    I made this on Thursday night. It was stunning. My Marc went back and polished it all off. Served over jasmine rice and it was fantastic. Thanks Nicky and your mam for a fab mid week dinner. 🎉

  2. ZalthorAndNoggin
    ZalthorAndNoggin says:

    Hi Nikki, I just wanted to report that I made your Mum's recipe two nights ago and I have to say, it's SENSATIONAL! I'm probably the same age as your Mum and acquired a similar recipe from a chef at RAF Cranwell back in the 70s. How I wish I'd had your Mum's recipe back then. Far more flavour and just delicious. I think it may be the sherry and the fact you make a roux sauce. My make this time was enough for three meals [just] but tomorrow I'm making it again just because it's Soooo Tasty. Big Hugs to you and your Mum. It's now on my rotation list too!!

  3. Country Lane4711
    Country Lane4711 says:

    It is so hard to decide what tomake for supper, after watching so many of your videos.(so many yummy choices!)… thank you for work, sense of humour, and ease of making the chore of 'supper'…. fun again!…

  4. Anonymike
    Anonymike says:

    I'll tell you how to really cook. Nice basic idea but I hate onions and I don't like mushrooms either. I'm going to use my powdered cooking buttermilk in place of regular milk. Water chestnuts. Bamboo shoots. Lots of garlic. Maybe some shredded fresh spinach. And pancake mix in place of regular flour because I don't have any. That's the thing. You substitute what you have for what the recipe says and substitute what you like for what you don't. It's pretty simple. Use the seasoning you like.

    The rule in cooking is, if you can think of it, you can make it, and if you can make it, you can eat it. Maybe it doesn't come out exactly the way you thought it would, but you can still eat it.

  5. Lolindir Surion
    Lolindir Surion says:

    I made this today, or a version of it. Not a big fan of mushrooms, so didn't put that in and I don't drink alcohol (its great in food though), so don't have that at home. I used cream instead of milk and added cayenne spice. So good! Will definitely make this again!

  6. Greg G
    Greg G says:

    This was so tasty ! Thank you ! I just did not put mushrooms as my family don’t like them 🙁 maybe next time I will add mushrooms to mine only as I love them

  7. Shilpa Parikh
    Shilpa Parikh says:

    I don't have Sherry on hand, is there an alternative like white wine or anything else? Please do respond coz I really want to try this recipe. Cheers ❤

    Edit: went ahead and made it with white wine instead of sherry. It turned out delicious. Enjoyed by the whole family. It's been years since I had this. I was asked to make it again this week. Thank u for such quick, easy and simple recipes. Cheers ❤

  8. rosetta m
    rosetta m says:

    This is almost exactly how my mom makes hers.. a lot of the recipes I see have more vegetables and stuff added to it but I adore how simple her recipe is. She also adds a can of pimento which is my favorite part. I woke up with a hankering for this and wanted to see how others make it. Your mom's looks great!


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