Is America's Best Sausage In Portland, Oregon? | On The Road With Bryan Roof

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  1. Jack Strubbe
    Jack Strubbe says:

    I absolutely love sausage. My heritage is Bavarian, and I pickle everything in sight with my own self-made vinegars. I live and work in Seattle's Pike Place Market where Uli's sausage keeps me reasonably happy but I always love my return trips to Portland. That said, Cleveland's historic West Side Market is a must. When I still lived in Cleveland, there were over 20 polycultural sausage vendors in the market! Tonight dinner is my homemade four-month ferment cabbage, rutabaga, and horseradish kraut with Uli's liver sausage and my own baby potatoes from our rooftop garden. . . happy camper!

  2. B. Ahumada
    B. Ahumada says:

    What? Is this an infomercia?! Portland Provision sucks!! I know because I live a few blocks away. This overpriced hot dog stand has NO blood sausage, no liver sausages, nothing besides the same old crap that we are force fed by fast food companies . Im genuinly angered by this informercial. THIS IS AN OVERPRICED HOTDOG STAND!!

    For great sausages in Portland's instead go to Edelweiss Sausage & Delicatessen.

  3. Chris Paasch
    Chris Paasch says:

    They aren't the cheapest I have ever seen but what I have had of theirs is very good!!! I have some ties to Switzerland and after seeing that he did his apprenticeship there comes as no surprise, they make great sausages over there. Do they make Cervelats also?

  4. Erik Ellis
    Erik Ellis says:

    Okay, I want to see an update on America's Test Kitchen's choucroute garnie recipe now. I'm mean the one that's there now is fine, but something inspired by Olympia Provision's version would be awesome!! I love that they scored and browned the sausages. There's a really good brined fresh ham recipe at ATK. Maybe adopt leftovers from some variation of that to use in the choucroute garnie? I've made ATK's sauerkraut before, but I'm betting some refinements for this new recipe could really step this up!

  5. Merna Brown
    Merna Brown says:

    There is truly nothing more pleasurable than seeing someone do exactly what they were made to do. Brian this series is so totally you; bleeps included. I couldn’t stop laughing during the LA pig roast, the next segment with Pilipino food and this was lovely. You are your unique self but don’t impose that on the story!

  6. Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan says:

    Brian, love the series. Would it be possible for yourself, or someone at CC to develop and make a recipe for Kasekrainer? I would love to try and make this at my home. I am an avid hunter, and love to make different sausages from my various game meats.

  7. El Rey
    El Rey says:

    SO INSPIRATIONAL. I lived in Bavaria for four years and it spoiled me rotten for good wurst. Every little village had its own recipe, and each one was full of actual ingredients and no filler. It was so disappointing to come back to Australia to mediocre charcuterie. I wish we had Olympia Provisions here.

  8. Chris Holt
    Chris Holt says:

    Wow, amazing sausages – I would love to try all of them. Plus, it's nice to see some good stuff coming out of Portland after what has happened there over the past few years!


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