Introducing INSTANT Oat Milk! JOI Plant Milk Concentrates Are Back | CHEF AJ LIVE!

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  1. DivineRED
    DivineRED says:

    I’ve tried a similar product bc I too don’t use the milks fast enough. I use it in recipes or if I make homemade chai lattes. I’ll try this brand next time I get more.

  2. The Monopoly Experiment explains a lot.
    The Monopoly Experiment explains a lot. says:

    Looks like these are great products and I'll definitely be purchasing some in the future.

    However, doing the math, the bulk of my purchases will still have to remain grocery store purchased half gallon and quart cartons of almond and other plant milks; still much more budget-friendly. At least 50 to 75% cheaper when on sale at my local grocery chains.

    However, if you can easily afford these powdered products, there really is no downside to them that I can see.

  3. Denise Bolin-Clark
    Denise Bolin-Clark says:

    This is fantastic. I make my own oatmilk, sometimes, but it doesn't hold up well in coffee or hot tea. I end up buying the expensive, processed stuff. As for work, I end up using almond milk which has sugar and isn't my favorite for hot beverages.


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