Instant Pot Yogurt In 4 Hours #shorts #instantpotyogurt #coldstartmethod #desicurd @chillipotkitchen

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  1. Yasmeen Rayani
    Yasmeen Rayani says:

    Tried this yogurt recipe. Great result same as yours. Loved it.. Thank you for short and simple videos and recipes. Next to try is your IP biryani. Looks very promising too.

  2. Packer Backer
    Packer Backer says:

    Did you boiled the milk at all or is it not necessary to boil the milk when you are using ultra pasteurized milk?

    If if takes 3 tsp for a half gallon of milk, do we have to use 6 tsp for a gallon or 3 would do just fine even for half gallon?


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