Instant Pot Quinoa Chicken Salad From Panama Canal!


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Instant Pot Quinoa Chicken Salad! Such an easy go-to when you need to put food out in a hurry! Link to the recipe: …
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  1. kmush01
    kmush01 says:

    Thank you for the great recipes for my 3 Qt. Mini! My mother was raised in the Panama Canal Zone from age 4. She met and married my Navy dad there. Later we lived there when I was 5 to 8 years old! One of my uncles use to drive the “donkeys”. My grandparents, great grandmother and a couple of cousins are buried in the American cemetery! I never got back there! At 77, probably won’t either.

  2. Kimberly Weese
    Kimberly Weese says:

    Your salad sounds amazing and what a wonderful trip you are on. We are currently traveling full-time in our motorhome and my Instant Pot is used several times a week. I've enjoyed adding some of your recipes to our menu.

  3. Judith Schulz
    Judith Schulz says:

    Enjoyed your video very much. One of my sons is a Merchant Mariner who has sailed around the world many times passing through some of the major canals of the world – Panama, Suez, Stockholm etc. Usually no pix though cause he’s too busy working. Except the Suez Canal he got a few – and some souvenirs- they allow merchants aboard to sell their wares on deck. So it was very interesting for me to see pix of you going through the canal. And to think I watched it to get the Quinoa Chicken salad recipe ~ LOL! Will be making it soon – likely in our RV in Fla! (LOVE MY INSTANT POT!)

  4. Taylor Palmer
    Taylor Palmer says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen a cooking show on the Panama Canal. So cool. From land to water, IP can do it all. Next is in the air 😂 Can’t wait to see more! Loved the pictures at the end.


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