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When I released my take on the Mississippi Pot Roast, it went gangbusters. And I can’t say I’m surprised. Featuring the most tangy/savory/sweet gravy draped …
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  1. Dee Do
    Dee Do says:

    I was on the fence about making this one but my man loves banana peppers. Made it tonight and it was really goood! Something about the vinegar in the pepper juice mixed with the brown gravy made it pop but not too strong. I did only used the 8 oz of peppers added before pressure cooking and left out the rest. Def going in my recipe book and def making often.
    I'm loving your book, such great information on top of your recipes. Also, a HUGE thank you for recommending the Ekovana pans. Not a day has gone by that I haven't put them to use. Breakfast is so much better now!

  2. MrShooter72
    MrShooter72 says:

    Holy $%!@, I am making this and some rice!!! We got the Instant Pot and the air fryer lid recently and have been checking them out. Jeffrey, your cookbook is spectacular. We have already enjoyed a number of recipes out of it. The cabbage roll soup recipe is a personal favorite. I have always been a big fan of my Crockpot and am now learning to love the Instant Pot, thanks to you!

  3. Miles Palero
    Miles Palero says:

    I just made this couple hours ago. And oh my! It is so good that I ate 4 pcs 🤣. I am a Filipino so I ate it with white rice. You never disappointed me with your recipes. I have your cookbook & your recipes are the only dishes I make in my instant pot. Thank you for all you do!!!

  4. Tom Wittbrodt
    Tom Wittbrodt says:

    I made this a couple of nights ago (without the shrimp & crab boil, unfortunately). It was fantastic! My son and I have been feasting on the leftovers. His comment was that "it smells spicy, but it doesn't taste spicy". Can't wait to try this again WITH the shrimp & crab boil.

  5. Liz Mc.
    Liz Mc. says:

    I made this tonight and it was AMAZING!! Only thing I did differently was I used skinless boneless breasts, added more beef stock, less sugar
    and cooked it for 20 minutes! It was truly delicious!! This will be a weekly thing for me, I’m sure! Thanks for the recipe! May try it with pork tenderloin next time.

  6. Sheila Collins
    Sheila Collins says:

    How do you get a copy of your cookbook?? I truly enjoyed watching your videos. I received a Instant Pot for my birthday last week. My daughter gave it to me. I live with her so you know she and my grandkids are my Guinea pigs. So far they like everything I've cooked. Keep up the good work.

  7. SalLee14701 Holland
    SalLee14701 Holland says:

    What you didn't use Boursin to it? You sure got me hooked on that! This recipe sounds so good, but I don't think I would use the Zatarain's concentrate, just to buy it for this dish. I have not used banana peppers before, so that's new to me. Will try that though. All I have tried of your recipes have been the best! Keep up the good work. Your the one that got me started with the IP, and Beef Stroganoff was the first thing I made! Yummmm!

  8. ajw
    ajw says:

    Is there any way you can do a mini-recipes series? I have a 3qt and live alone. I couldn't find ANY videos on cooking for one, or even two-person small serving recipes. All of these 8 and 6 qt recipes are too much for me and I have limited freezer space; I made quite a number of your recipes in the past…all great, but now…with my house now empty of eaters…the recipes are way too big. The math to reduce just doesn't seem to work out right. If you can't, can you recommend anyone that does on youtube?

  9. Colleen Beamer
    Colleen Beamer says:

    It would be nice to know how many servings your recipes make. I don't do leftovers in my house – my son won't eat them. Since, I'm no longer working, I don't have the need to take a lunch so, leftovers don't get used. Your recipes, while delicious sounding, are too big for my house so, I would like to know the number of servings you feel the recipe with serve so I can adjust it to suit my household.

  10. Susan Benevides
    Susan Benevides says:

    My Instant pot is expected to arrive tomorrow. I've been researching recipes and YouTube channels for the past week and I have to say I've put you at the top of my list. BTW…I just ordered your cookbook, can't wait to see what I will make first. Love your videos.🤗🥘

  11. Matt Nieman
    Matt Nieman says:

    I just made this dish. I did everything to a T. It was delicious. My 9 year old son is my biggest biggest food critic and he loved it. He scored it 11 out of 10. I often have him help me in the kitchen when making your meals, but today I wouldn’t let him help because I knew when he saw the banana peppers and banana pepper juice, he would freak. While it was cooking I let him make “the frosting” like I said he loved it and after the meal I showed him the video. He couldn’t believe there were banana peppers in it. Keep up the great work Jeffrey. My family thanks you.

  12. Laura Phillips
    Laura Phillips says:

    Sounds delicious but if the goal is no beef then beef broth and au jus doesn't seem to be consistent. Are there any options to use other ingredients ? Chicken broth I think would work but what about the au jus mix?


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