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A BIG THANK YOU, first of all, to Josh and Babe, who organized this whole event! I’ve included them among my Featured Channels, scroll down the list and …
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  1. Christy's Cooking Channel
    Christy's Cooking Channel says:

    I looked up chili’s origins too, since I never knew about the whole bean controversy. It said it was originally made with beans but some folks say it shouldn’t be. Oh well, I’m not from Texas so we love beans in ours. I use my pressure cooker often to make chili. Yours looked delicious. Great collaboration, thanks for sharing😃

  2. The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr.
    The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr. says:

    First of all Chili has to have beans. Now that's out of the way. That's a great looking Texas Style Chili. I was beginning to think, Chef Johnny of Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine was the only one on # team no beans . Lol. I really liked the toasting of the cumin, great idea with the dried peppers. Then pressure cooking on top of all that. That had to be a amazing tasting Chill. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎

  3. Cooking with Anadi
    Cooking with Anadi says:

    Finally, finally looking at this, sorry for my tardiness! Crazy morning it was getting the video up among other cooking duties (not to mention dragging my bum to the gym)! Oh my gosh we really did have similar ideas, crazy how we read each other's minds practically! Don't the chiles really do wonders?? I loved them! Awesome job, and I'm digging the red IP!

  4. deb mains
    deb mains says:

    Love your cooking… made the coconut flour pancakes and berry sauce on Sunday! Delicious..I need to figure out for me and hubby only In serving size…Doggie got alot of coconut flour pancakes! Lol Coconut flour GOES a long way…New to your channel…keep them coming…found you from headbanger's kitchen…congratulations on the cookbook!


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