Instant Pot Greek Lentil Soup


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  1. P T
    P T says:

    I had the exact same experience with the instant pot…was first intimidated to start using, then burned the bottom, but now fully comfortable using it and love it.

  2. Gina Sais
    Gina Sais says:

    One of my favourite soups – 'fukyies'. Friends laugh whenever I say lentils in greek. I also add red capsicum when I saute the vegies and any other vegies in my fridge. I too add vinegar and virgin olive oil before serving. 💙🤍🇬🇷🇦🇺

  3. Kirsten Richards
    Kirsten Richards says:

    Lentil soup is my favorite! Thank you for instructions on making it in an Instant Pot, other brand multi-cooker or pressure cooker.

    Stray observation/compliment: your hands are very graceful and elegant.

  4. Mandy Holland
    Mandy Holland says:

    You know I used my spooky thing to do to translate my messages well I’ve never put cheese in it it’s afterwards they used to put cheese in and I don’t understand this speaking machine it’s going completely gaga these days but it all looks very very nice but she’s put a whole potato or a couple of whole potatoes in it and whole cloves of garlic but it was delicious

  5. Mandy Holland
    Mandy Holland says:

    All that was wonderful just like I used to do in Greece except Fraser and Mai used to cook it with cheese to put potato in it and used to hose whole whole garlic clothes but it was delicious and yours looks delicious to

    YANNIS says:

    "Fakés" and "Fakés-soup" taste great and are very healthy!… like "Fasólia" and "Fasoláda" we used to
    get them a lot in the Greek Army… but not made in an… Instant Pot… remember? 😉😉😁😁🙃🙃

  7. Nancy Stewart
    Nancy Stewart says:

    I'll be making this soon! Just want to add that your recipes, all of them, have made my life so easy. I thank you for that. I have praised your recipes so much that when my extended family comes to eat, they ask, "Is this one of Dimitra's?"


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