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Daar dhokli is another popular Gujarati comfort meal. Loosely translated into spiced flour dumplings in a savory lentil gravy, this recipe is sure to have your …
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  1. Janita Dayah
    Janita Dayah says:

    Hi Poonam I tried this recipe and it was amazing. The only thing was on the last step the dokri stuck a bit on the bottom and I got a burn signal. I immediately canceled and waited for it to release. I finished it up on the stove for another 10 minutes. The taste was spectacular, just like my mom used to make. It's a winner recipe.

  2. mansipatel
    mansipatel says:

    Hey Poonam….thank you so much for the lovely recipe. I like this traditional food recipes series. I am also gujarati from ahmedabad.i have two toddlers and its very difficult to cook but dear you made it very easy all the time and i really appreciate that you post more gujarati recipes,and plz keep posting. I tried kadhi following your recipe, it came out awesome, trust me i never get that yummy taste on stovetop. Plz upload more videos,and even try to make video for toddlers recipe as well.my son is 4 yr and daughter is 2.5 yr. Thamk you.

  3. Diva Kapoor
    Diva Kapoor says:

    YUM!!!!! One of my favs – My grandmother’s version is made with peas and tomatoes instead of toor daal but it I’ve had it both ways and it’s THE best comfort food (besides kitchari)


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