Instant Pot || Comparing DUO80 Versions 1 & 2

Instant Pot || Comparing DUO80 Versions 1 & 2

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Since Black Friday there has been some confusion as people are receiving their 8qt DUO Instant Pots. This video is an attempt to …

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  1. @francineveilleux6708
    @francineveilleux6708 says:

    Merci je garde votre video précieusement et dire que Jeudi j'avais le choix de prendre l'ancien comme ma soeur et le nouveau en pensant qu'il était pareil je ne l'ai pas utilisé encore c'est une première pour moi et sa fais peur un peu encore merci

  2. @user-ne2xm3uz2o
    @user-ne2xm3uz2o says:

    I love the instant pot so much! I have made quinoa, chicken, chili, asparagus MyBest.Kitchen and yogurt in it so far. The only thing that didn't work great was the asparagus. I cooked it for 1 minute and it was still overdone. It is a timesaver and uses much less energy than my gas stove.

  3. @pixelated_happy1894
    @pixelated_happy1894 says:

    Thank you for this! All the recipe vids I was seeing on Youtuber were calling for the "pressure cook" button and I'm finally (after years of it sitting in the box) using mine. Which is the old one with the "manual" button!
    P.S. I forgot to start the Chicken Tortilla Soup this morning in my crockpot and hubby is hungry so have no choice but jump in and start using this thing! Guess that's one way to force myself to do something I've been putting off for years! lol

  4. @24nikita
    @24nikita says:

    No one seems to have the courage nor intelligence (until here and now) to give a full explanation of the different models be it the older Duo or newer Duo models which have many different buttons. Most of the videos made up to now present the older model and their use for cooking but no one I`ve seen has presented cooking reciepies using the newer model of the Duo and it`s different button display so it get`s rather confusing as it has no "manual" button for example as does the older model. If your all wanting to be "informative" then you should make an "update" version of your presentations to include the newer models as and when they become available. It`s a more professional form of pedagogie if they expect us to use these cooking utensils efficiently and without confusion. Including the Instant Pot model in the title of the video would help a great dealless confusing and time saving. Now where is that "Manual" button she`s talking about, mine doesn`t have a "Manual " button.

  5. @andyferno9274
    @andyferno9274 says:

    We have both and I can not tell you the mind games it has played on me since I got the new one .. wich I totally thought was the older version because it actually had the ‘Duo80’ on the facepanel as appose to the new version that only has ‘Duo’ .. Loved this video 😁👍🏻 Thxs for the research.

  6. @DLee1923
    @DLee1923 says:

    I have the 2nd version of the 8 Quart Duo, and I still don't know how to "adjust" the pressure from high to low ? Do I use the pressure level button ? And if so, is that after I press Pressure Cook ? I understand most things are for high pressure, but I need to know for future recipes, just in case.
    Thanks. 👋🏼

  7. @janedoh3658
    @janedoh3658 says:

    I just got a second Duo80. The only difference I can see, besides the manuals, is that the liner no longer has measurements- disappointing because they were so convenient. The control panel was the same.

  8. @justdi3347
    @justdi3347 says:

    Thank you for this tidbit, I just received one and it was the newer 8qt model and I was wondering where the "manual" button was. Very helpful and clear video. Thanks again!


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