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A bunch of folks have been asking me to make a Brunswick Stew for quite some time now (my Southern and Canadian friends, …

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  1. MrShooter72
    MrShooter72 says:

    Had Brunswick Stew in southern Georgia many times. Looks good! I might try this recipe. I will probably add some diced ham at the end of the cook to get some pork in there with the chicken.

  2. ScottO
    ScottO says:

    Growing up, we would have Brunswick stew at Family Reunion in central Alabama. It probably had everything from rabbit to raccoon, and I never enjoyed it. Mostly, because everybody made a different batch and then mixed it into a giant kettle. It would sometimes taste gamey and I've never enjoyed wild animal meat

    BTW. Love the Buckee Cap 😉

  3. Jeannie
    Jeannie says:

    My husband is from Brunswick County, Virginia, where they also call this Chicken Muddle. It’s the first recipe his mom taught me 40 years ago, and also the first thing I ever made in my Instant Pot. Mine is a bit different (no canned peppers or garlic or BBQ sauce), but it’s a weekly staple at our house, especially during the cooler months. The NY Times Cooking section just had an article about Brunswick Stew…I guess it’s not a southern secret any longer.

  4. Peg Ivey
    Peg Ivey says:

    I always made my Brunswick Stew with chicken, and I think most other Brunswick Stews I ever had (in N.C.) were made with chicken, so I think you are right about the grease factor, Jeff. A handy tip: if you want the liquid a bit thicker, cook some lima beans separately, then mash them up and stir in at the end. It looks delicious, and Richard’s approval is enough for me to want to make this!

  5. Sam Calvert
    Sam Calvert says:

    Hey Jeffrey and BANJO!! Question… if you wanted to add already cooked pulled pork or pulled chicken at the end to stir in, do you still pressure cook for 8 minutes or for less time?

  6. Dracos Diabolis
    Dracos Diabolis says:

    Well, if you did use pulled pork. After you cook the stew. Use a metal ladle, pack ice into the cup of the ladle and dip it into the stew.

    The cold with attract the grease and harden it. So dunk (not dunking too deep. Don't want the ice getting into the stew to dilute the flavor) and keep doing it till you basically skimmed off the grease. Dip and clean. Dip and clean. Lol

  7. Geo. Miller
    Geo. Miller says:

    (09:15-Su-11/06/22) Ahhh, looks like I’m the 1st to post a Like and now a note. Been following you since 5/2020 when I bought my new Instant Pot. Will have to try this Brunswick Stew, but freeze all but a quarter as there is just me to eat, and I’m 82.


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