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I love food. You love food. Let’s eat food! *A mukbang is a Korean term that means “eating broadcast” where the content creator eats delicious food for an …
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  1. Sami Jo
    Sami Jo says:

    Sooooo id love more cooking videos from you!!!!

    Edit: girl you cook so well you throw down in the kitchen please explore cooking healthy meals as many of us also would be interested in actually doing this journey with you!

  2. sboulderickmam
    sboulderickmam says:

    I’m happy you’re eating actual food here instead of food laced with additives aka fast food. Fast food is delicious but so are other food. You don’t have to eat kale to eat healthier. Meat, eggs, vegetables you like taste great and don’t make your health suffer afterwards. You have an instant pot, you can make so many delicious foods with that. If you have a air fryer you can make your own fried chicken and fries and cookies etc. If you have blender and a fridge, you can make ice cream. Here’s wishing you better health.

  3. Ravins Eve
    Ravins Eve says:

    What cut of beef did you use? I set mine to 35 minutes too and the beef is super, super tender. I use oyster blade steak cut or the flat iron steak cut and it comes out perfect – I don’t even need to cook it off first. The fattier, cheaper cuts of meat are better in the pressure cooker. So yummy with some rice.


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