Instant Pot Beef Stew!!!


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Hello everyone! Today I decided to share one of my Instant Pot recipes with you all! I hope you all enjoy this AMAZING dish that my family loves! Ingredients: 1.3 …
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  1. Cynthia Cornwell
    Cynthia Cornwell says:

    FINALLY someone makes stew like me. Now i know how to use recipe in instapot. I like to add like 2 potatoes in the beginning. Yes will be so mushy it naturally thickins broth then like you i add more carrots snd potatoes then let them cook. Soooo ty for making this!! Making it tonight!!

  2. Stella Jeffrey
    Stella Jeffrey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I usually add more veg like parsnips, turnips, leeks etc, I’ve never added mushrooms. Not sure if all that will go in the instant pot but I’ll give it a try. Looks delicious 😋

  3. Karen Saucier Lundy
    Karen Saucier Lundy says:

    So easy. I use red wine with broth and dilute vegetable broth with coconut water. Right on with adding potatoes at the end. And with roux, this is a critical step for lazy cooks like me, whose impulse is to add flour directly into stew. So pleased to have found your YouTube channel.

  4. Leona Chi
    Leona Chi says:

    My favorite new kitchen appliance.>>> Between this and my air fryer you practically can cook everything. I love that you can sear meat and then pressure cook it rather that dirty another pan searing and adding to a crock pot. I have already given out many as gifts. It’s the perfect wedding, new baby, and off to college gift!

  5. Michael Dopke
    Michael Dopke says:

    Really loved this recipe. I tried it minus the celery and minus one cup of beef stock; plus one cup dry red wine and substituted a package of beefy Lipton onion soup instead of the dry ingredients. Slam dunk. The family loved it!

  6. leeleeonie
    leeleeonie says:

    I've been looking for a clear video to follow! Thank you for this! One question, approximately how many servings would you say this is for? I'm such a procrastinator I need this tonight for a potluck!!! Hope you respond before I go grocery shopping! Thank you again!

  7. Andy Andrews
    Andy Andrews says:

    after the first 35 minutes of pressure cooking, do you do a natural release or a quick release? You just say open then add potatoes and mushrooms. Pressure has to be released somehow. Hope you respond. Everything looks really good and video is well done. One more note. The bay leaf was left off of the ingredient list. I have subscribed and look forward to watching more of your work. Thank you.


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