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Today on Instant Pot 101: How to Make Rice! This recipe is perfect for pressure cooking beginners. Let your Instant Pot do the …

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  1. @r.severn7479
    @r.severn7479 says:

    Note: Greater than 1:1 ratio water to rice, plus a dash of oil or fat. That's how I've done rice for >5 years, and it's never crunchy not does it stick to the stainless.

  2. @Ksweetpea
    @Ksweetpea says:

    I do jasmine and sushi rice 1 part thoroughly rinsed rice, 2 parts water or chicken stock (game changer) on high for 12 min. Congee is 1 part rinsed rice to 6 parts liquid on high for half an hour. I always immediately release the pressure. Insta pots are so versatile !


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