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  1. Nick Starke
    Nick Starke says:

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  2. Christal Brown
    Christal Brown says:

    A little dog with your mashed potatoes?? Lost me when he toughed fido while cooking. I don't do cross contamination as an ingredient. I've seen a lot of people dine with dogs. Not happenin. I think its a cultural thing…

  3. Yudha Kusuma
    Yudha Kusuma says:

    I'm not a cooking expert but. Isn't "smashed potatoes" Literally means all you needs are just to smashed a potatoes? Well, of course you need to peel and washing it. But how hard is it just to smashed a potatoes? Well as an emergency ratio or for those that have digestive problems, I think it's easy enough to make it.


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