I was taught to Wash My Hands before eating, this fork business is giving me pressure 不 #shorts

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  1. Sire Counselor
    Sire Counselor says:

    Dear sweet SIs, I just found this website below which seemed very suspicious and wondering if you have any knowledge about its existence ? Also want to know more how measure ingredients when cooking huge volume ?

  2. We GotThis
    We GotThis says:

    Just because one uses a fork doesnt mean they too havent washed their hands. Its completely appropriate and EXTREMELY expected to wash your hands. I think for others that dont eat with our fingers is we see others fingers also touch their mouth when eating then go back into the communal food. For us, thats considered a form of double dipping – where no one wants to eat behind someone whos mouth germs are now in the food. Its a mouth to finger to food thing – clean hands or not, once the fingers touch the mouth, Im done. No thank you 咱打

  3. OKBushcraft
    OKBushcraft says:

    I've started eating with my hands more after marrying my beautiful Mexican wife 31 yrs ago.
    Nothing like using a tortilla as a utensil. People of the Bible ate with their fingers.
    Be yourself.


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