I tried a Satisfying Leftover Milk Dessert (very yum)


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Today we grabbin’ a litre carton of milk, flour, butter, sugar and cornstarch and making something beautiful. Recipe from: https://youtu.be/LzmTCP4UID8
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  1. Mochaplayz
    Mochaplayz says:

    The recipe : You know , a ‘leftover’ milk desert . Meanwhile uses a litre of milk

    Me: but isn’t a litre a whole carton? WHY WOULD PEOPLE HAVE A LEFTOVER CARTON OF MILK?

  2. Aubrie is Oobleck
    Aubrie is Oobleck says:

    It's possible that the first Aurochs were milked 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in two different parts of the world, since domestication is attributed to cow-milking, but it's likely that European farmers were the first. As such, humans have been drinking cow's milk for about 6,000–8,000 years.

  3. mohammed ismail
    mohammed ismail says:

    Kartha I think the leftover water was supposed to be poured into the sugar and it should've said to wipe the sides with a pastry brush because the water evaporates and makes the process quicker


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