I MESSED UP YALL! Chit Chat, EMOTIONAL EATING, getting on track + LOW CARB What I Eat In A Day

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  1. Stacey Weber
    Stacey Weber says:

    Thank you for being so honest. It is what it is and tomorrow is a new day. You don't have to do anything different for us. Just do what you need to do for you. I don't care if you gain or lose. I just love your personality your honesty and your transparency. I don't care if you gain weight girl!!. Just stay here!!. Love love this channel!!!!

  2. noreen vasquez
    noreen vasquez says:

    I emotionally eat i hate it ugh I also got a job too and I got all messed up I try to eat well still but always binge at home or if we go out I also haven’t worked out I had gained some weight back then kept yo yo dieting and it’s just frustrating😢

  3. Sue Cleary
    Sue Cleary says:

    You aren’t alone!! You’ve done so good!! I’ve had head games since a surgery 4 months ago, gained 20 pounds after losing 60. It’s nice having someone to this to so as to keep the journey real.

  4. Child of god TV
    Child of god TV says:

    I messed up as well especially that time of the month! But guess what I get back on that’s why it’s a journey! You are doing amazing sis!!!! Love your transparency and proud of how far you came

  5. Alyssa Lynn
    Alyssa Lynn says:

    I’m definitely an emotional eater and if I end up finding myself getting off track I definitely begin to eat my emotions which is horrible but giirrrlll I have faith in you ♥️

  6. Debra Winn
    Debra Winn says:

    Look answer this I just ordered my box but look will they ask me each week before taking money out my account can I cancel at any time I just jump on it cause I think this will be good for me so please tell me something

  7. Now what
    Now what says:

    I’m stalled too. But also had to admit my interest in weightloss isn’t health related at all. It’s totally cosmetic. If I was married I wouldn’t be on a weightloss thing at all. Lol

  8. April Bess
    April Bess says:

    Lace u be doing stuff u really get into something's I'm jealous I ain't got no time nor money for work play & pleasure it's time with housing employment working from home will pay off soon expecting a pay day ‼️but yes girl good luck with dieting getting fine & fit thick goals bitch goals bbw goals alright u can activate that motivation alright ‼️ okay yes we can 😘 🍷

  9. Debra Winn
    Debra Winn says:

    Lord you are so right I feel so huge and only been off track maybe 2weeks them damn carbs but for real my health is so important right now being a diabetic I'm not ready for yeast infections anymore

  10. Leslee A
    Leslee A says:

    Your transparency is appreciated Tiff thank you.. I definitely can relate to emotional eating 😩 All we can do is acknowledge and accept we slipped up and keep it moving!! We got this!! Continued success on your journey love 🖤💚💛

  11. norma smith
    norma smith says:

    Girl ur face is still falling off u doing it up ur hair and makeup up and etc.looks great food look good looking forward to seeing ur hubby and baby boy in ur upcoming videos ur doing a fantastic job on ur channel keep doing u girl look like everything is working in ur favor the devil is a liar u got this cause God got us continue to lean and depend on Jesus Jesus is always the only answer u take care hello to you and all the family In God we trust God blesses us all!!!!!!

  12. Gina Fumi
    Gina Fumi says:

    Girllll I messed up too 😂! This is why I LOVE your channel! Your honesty and transparency in a world full of fake wanna be jokers that lie on the regular!! To tell truth about our struggles makes us human. We all in the struggles and triumphs together 😁🤩💕

  13. JessiCanCreate
    JessiCanCreate says:

    Hey Tiff! Please don't let that water weight get to you. I have been learning a TON about the body and fat loss, fat storage, water retention, etc. I couldn't believe what I've learned about how a lot of carbs cause crazy water retention…I mean wild. Because the same thing would happen to me…I would have a big DoorDash day with endless carbs and be 5 pounds heavier the next day and it would take like a week for it to level back out. I just feel you overall with having kind of a hiccup on your journey because girl…I am also going through it right now, but in kind of a different way.

    But let me not write a novel on your video! I started ordering some local meal prep because I don't feel like cooking. Might try Factor too with your code. Take care of yourself sis!

  14. Chenese Henderson
    Chenese Henderson says:

    Never apologize you are human it happens we all mess up what I do is share with a friend when I go out to eat and that way I don't feel bad so the important thing is you are getting back on track we are all in this together thanks for being honest

  15. Terrie lewis
    Terrie lewis says:

    Sweetheart don’t feel bad just get back on track from time to time we will get off track I go through the same thing we are not along so don’t be so hard on yourself God bless you ❤

  16. Angela Williams
    Angela Williams says:

    It's not just water weight, you are actually eating too much, and all the wrong foods. I can relate, I'm serious emotional eater! What you're doing I've gone through! 360lbs! it just couldn't believe I had let myself get so heavy! But, things in my life was horrible. All I can say never, ever give up, but you have to stay consistent, that's the only way to get to the weight YOU! want to lose. I'm in the 100 +lbs loss now, and I'm not going to give up! Good luck Lacy! 💞💞💞


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