I made soupy Maggi Noodles with leftover steak

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  1. Sundus Khan
    Sundus Khan says:

    Let me give a recipe which I absolutely love

    For one pack
    5 cloves of garlic and green chilli sliced
    Take a oil in pan heat that oil put your garlic and green chilli saute them until golden brown
    Then add water add a little more for extra soup add the taste maker and with salt and chilli flakes take extra tastemakers called Maggie masala add that to your soup and let them boil for 2-3 mins and then add Maggie and them cook add a cheese slice and enjoy
    Please do try you'll love it

  2. Brady Hillier
    Brady Hillier says:

    I’ve got a tip for you. For perfectly cooked noodles add just enough water to cover them. Have the noodles in the water the whole time and just as it boys you can turn it off. Works everytime. I strain 90% of the water out as well.

  3. Pranju
    Pranju says:

    I love soupy maggi.
    Personally I add the masala packet that comes with Maggi plus half a packet of maggi masala magic(it's the same thing but you can add it on a variety of dishes) or else the taste would be diluted.
    Plus yesss no breaking the noodles 😂😂


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