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Welcome back everyone! Today we are sharing another day at home with us on our homestead! #largefamilylove #baking …

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  1. Marleen G.
    Marleen G. says:

    We just had 5 kilo's of onions in storage that were about to go bad. Chopped them all up, took over an hour! Divided them in small baggies (10) and froze them. Awesome. Now if we make soup we just have to take out a small bag and use it. Freezing stuff is amazing! And why let it go bad?

  2. C G
    C G says:

    Hi! Did u have other symptoms? Any to indicate gallbladder? I have weird right arm n shoulder pain and sudden weakness and anxiety that happens almost daily the week before my period. My mom and grandma both had their GB removed. I’m so glad ur doing better! It sounds so scary. Esp when I realized we had similar experiences.

  3. Angela Miller
    Angela Miller says:

    So thankful how well you have done in the past few days. I can see it in your eyes and how you are talking, you are feeling more and more like the Tiffany we are use to seeing and hearing. When you have health issues it will take a toll on you. I know 1st hand. Things work in strange ways, but it would be a great to know all of your health problems are behind you and it was all due to your gall bladder. Just continue to take one day at a time and be thankful every day that you are not having any kind of problems like you were having before your gall bladder surgery. We give God all of the praise and glory.

  4. LDandSM
    LDandSM says:

    It's so good to see you up and moving around and eating again!!! I will still keep praying for you and your family!!! But I'm so happy you're feeling more like yourself again!!

  5. April Dolph
    April Dolph says:

    It’s good to hear your feeling better, it’s no fun being sick, your recipes look so good, I also want to thank you for sharing one of your online schooling website, I was actually looking for some for my 4 and 6 year old
    ❤ this one is perfect

  6. Robbie Glynn
    Robbie Glynn says:

    So nice to see you getting back to feeling good!!!! Let's keep going in the right direction from now on!! 😉 I bet Gary is just over the moon you're doing so much better!!! Now don't overdo missy, we need you to keep doing what you're doing!! I missed the videos when you're not able to post. I know its easier to say sit your butt down and rest for a bit than it is to do it when you're a mom. It's just so nice to see a smile on your face and getting better!!!!

  7. Marie Parks
    Marie Parks says:

    A bad gallbladder can poison your system and cause a myriad of symptom. My symptoms made my doctors think it was my heart. I had an ultrasound bloodwork, cat scan, mri and a cath.Then they said , must be your gallbladder. It was diseased and had to be removed so glad you are feeling better.

  8. Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee says:

    You look SO beautiful Tiffany!! Almost back to normal! (You still look a bit tired, and that your body went through a lot). Awww…. SO thankful you could eat again. You may have not been hungry do to your body trying to get rid of toxins and your body avoiding more work to digest food. Like when we're sick with fever, etc. we tend to not eat much cause our body is focusing on ridding the toxins, kind of thing. Just my thought? Look at Wilder GO with matching those words! Your children are so beautiful and SO far ahead! Lots of love to you all….


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