I don’t buy mortadella on the market anymore! I prepare it at home!

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INGREDIENTS: • Chicken breast • Salt • paprika • Black pepper • Garlic • Water • 1 beet • 2 jellies Click on the link below and …

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  1. Patti Thacker
    Patti Thacker says:

    I'll buy bologna eating anything any more we don't really know where it comes from or who washes their hands to cook and prepare all this we eat or restaurant. The only thing for sure if you cook grow and do all these at your own home

  2. Trevan N
    Trevan N says:

    Most bologna I've seen is pork but what made me cringe was the knife. We all deserve some decent knives and actually use them to slice instead of moving the knife straight down, smashing through what we're cutting

  3. Debra Mehan
    Debra Mehan says:

    Im sorry i just cant watch her gross recipes any more. My biggest hope is that she does not have children she is making eat all this crap she makes.🤦🙏

  4. Raiden
    Raiden says:

    Mortadella (what "bologna" is based on) is one of if not the cheapest cuts of charcuterie you can buy in an Italian charcuterie shop.

    There are many uses for it but we usually use a few slices of it, amongst other things, between a panino or on top of toasted bread with some garlic, to make a fast but savory aperivo.

    I can't think tho any proper use of this chicken jelly paste you've made.
    I would slow-cook different cuts of meat and blend them to make it look more uniform, use stock instead of water, and cut way thinner slices for better presentation.


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