i don't believe in long distance relationships

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  1. thefryinator
    thefryinator says:

    Did long distance from my husband for two years while we were dating, by the time I finally moved in together, we had way more time apart from each other than we did together. It was crazy, but we made it through, it's almost our third year married and we're coming up on 9 years of being together in total ❤️

  2. shixins
    shixins says:

    Been there, done that, do not recommend. You can't touch, you can't cry to their shoulder when you need them, you constantly feel empty, like something is missing. You realise that in the end you don't know each other that well because all the time you spend together is like holidays and you avoid anything that would ruin them. Closing the distance should be a compromise but in the end someone has to give up on more than the other one. Sorry for being the party killer but tbf – ldr sucks

  3. BuzziMuzzi
    BuzziMuzzi says:

    I mean this doesn’t make sense to me. You keep saying how you don’t believe in LDR and that’s your primarly focus of this video. Then you go in the comments to say that nonetheless this is “MY” opinion but I’m going to do it anyway. Gurl, all of us in LDR think it sucks! But we do it anyway for a person that we see as the love of our lives! Or at least I do. So if you see your man that way, why frame it all so negatively? Ofc we all know the downsides of LDR and yes it sucks and we chose to do it anyway for a person who’s worth it. LDR isn’t worth it for a relationship you know isn’t gonna last. That’s why a LDR is good actually, it weeds out the relationship that wouldn’t have lasted anyway. Anyway… weird take this video.


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