I do THIS to have Breakfast Ready EVERYDAY (even working 12 hour days) | Cook once eat all MONTH!

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You’ll find 8 easy, from scratch breakfast freezer recipes you and your family will love that will make mornings easier when you …

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  1. Dannie McDonald
    Dannie McDonald says:

    WHOA!!! These are awesome! I'm not a breakfast eater, but these would make great light lunches or suppers. I could also see trays of these at a brunch. Thanks so much for sharing! Definitely keepers!

  2. Ms P
    Ms P says:

    Hey Cassandra, I love your videos, they are so helpful to me, being a new gardener and canner I am learning so much from you. I like how you pinch pennies and I’m like you I’m in a place where i pretty much shape sales but my downfall is aside from being a picky eater I’m doing keto as well so my choices are pretty limited for now! I was able to go to the farm and pick greens and pole beans to have on the shelves since my beans didn’t do good at all! I love all your ideas and let me tell you every since I watched you do maintenance on your heater I wanted one and found a new one last weekend at an estate sale it was $200.00 on Friday so I went back Sunday and got it for $40.00 girl was I thanking Jesus! I love you hair thanks for sharing with us you are so appreciated! Blessings to you and your family! Poonie!

  3. Maria Williams
    Maria Williams says:

    Hi Cassandra 👋
    Help. I canned 6 jars of sausage. 2 didn't seal properly, so I put them in the fridge. I opened the first jar and made gravy, but I couldn't get over the smell of the canned sausage. Kinda like dog food or potted meat. Now I'm afraid to open another jar. Did I do something wrong? I need easy sausage gravy in my life. ☺️

  4. Carolyn Sinyard
    Carolyn Sinyard says:

    Last night my husband asked me what I had planned for today. I watched this awesomely wonderful video this morning and now I know the answer to last night's question. Make ahead scratch breakfast freezer meals. Grandchildren will be here next to spend "Spring Break" with us and I am not going to be in the kitchen cooking all the time. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Becky Skinner
    Becky Skinner says:

    My daughter and I just made breakfast freezer meals! 2 casseroles (each divided into 6 servings), sausage (chorizo) and egg burritos, hash brown egg muffins. She took half home for a quick breakfast before work. Today I'm doing mini waffles and pancakes. When you're 77 and retired, cooking is what you do 😊

  6. Michal Marcus
    Michal Marcus says:

    Hi Cassandra, thanks for a great video. I would love to adopt some of your recipes given here. Do you have a written recipes? It would help me work with what I have on hand. I don't have all your mentioned ingredients (not from USA…) but I can work something out, I'm sure 🙂 Love your channel!

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    Some great ideas here! I'm just starting to become a very small scale homestead and cook/freeze meals in bulk. I love the mini waffle idea in the muffin tins…never thought of that and I'm trying to keep it interesting for my fam.

  8. Margaret Howard
    Margaret Howard says:

    OMG Cassandra, your energy is contagious. I love watching your videos they are very inspiring ❤️. Thanks for more things to add to my repertoire. The canned sausage patty, do you have a video of that process?

  9. Susan /almosta_farm882
    Susan /almosta_farm882 says:

    Girlfriend, you had me at cornbread for sure!! You are a genius with all these ideas! Can't wait to get in the kitchen tomorrow and start making some breakfast freezer meals. My husband says thank you so much for inspiring me. 😂

  10. C P
    C P says:

    Hi Cassandra,
    I have wondered about making sausage on a stick. My husband loves this as a quick breakfast and I have watched that item go up in price (along with many others). He likes the blueberry pancake and I have passively wondered if I could make something less artificial and less expensive for him. Thank you, thank you! I hope you've had a good week!

  11. Kimberly Good
    Kimberly Good says:

    You knocked it out of the park with this one, Cassandra! So many fantastic and delicious ideas that it’s hard to decide which to try first. I like that these recipes are easily adapted to meet dietary needs. Thank you mucho!


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