I ASK Dr. Michael Greger ANYTHING! Q&A on plant based nutrition 🌱

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I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Michael Greger and ask him some questions. We talk about about soy, testosterone, …

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  1. Toolin'
    Toolin' says:

    I mean, he looks in worst shape than any carnivor person i know. Been following you for a while now and even tho you're in shape, you look a bit weak, don't know how to describe it. Eat meat man! He could use a bit of real protein too.

  2. Jason House
    Jason House says:

    I’m so confused about this whole spinach/chard oxalate thing. Another doctor is recommending almost a pound of power greens (includes spinach and chard) a day. What are the dangers of this?

  3. Julie Mitchell
    Julie Mitchell says:

    It's me again, the scientist who was saying people shouldn't be worried about calcium carbonate (especially in mislabeling it "toxic"). As Dr. Greger said, calcium carbonate is not something to be worried about in soy milk. Taking straight calcium carbonate (that is, Tums, etc.) is NOT the same as having a beverage where there's a ton of other material dissolved in solution with that calcium carbonate (that is, soy milk). In the first case, you're hitting your stomach with a pure compound that it has to work to dissolve and, as a result, neutralizes stomach acid. In the second case, the calcium carbonate is already dissolved in solution, along with a lot of other things. The real proof is that the pH of pure dissolved calcium carbonate is basic (greater than 7) which is why your stomach has to work to neutralize it. Soy milk is actually slightly acidic (pH =6.7)! So, no, you don't have to worry about soy milk neutralizing your stomach acid. Please don't avoid soy milk because of calcium carbonate!

  4. djkenny
    djkenny says:

    I thought I’d jump on collagen bandwagon. I have awful arthritis and tend to get gut issues. Been Pescatarian for 32 yrs.. this all came on recently in life. Anyway, the collagen powder made me feel awful. Tried two weeks in coffee (gross, too). We need to really sift through the Muck!

  5. BFoster
    BFoster says:

    Listened to the audio book version of How Not to Die and liked it so much that I followed it up with How Not to Diet even though I’m pretty skinny. Oh my gosh, what an incredible wealth of knowledge in these two books!! Switching to eating a mostly whole food plant based diet improved my health dramatically, and I love hearing the honest science behind it. So glad to hear Dr. Greger is releasing another book! I’ll be pre-ordering for sure.

  6. Magdalena Kowalska
    Magdalena Kowalska says:

    Hi, I am from Poland. Love dr Greger's books and he Daily dozen list. They helped me a lot at the beginning. Unfortunately, for me, his pronounciation is very dificult to understand :(. Contrary to Derek's.

  7. JadeMusic
    JadeMusic says:

    Love Dr. Gregor.🙂I prefer not to eat grains, but I recently decided to try black rice. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned. It tasted just like white rice, but has a far better nutrient profile. It's expensive, though. Thank you for this interview, Derek.🤗❤️

  8. wholly mary
    wholly mary says:

    The real problem is most people cannot eat fruits and veggies because the levels of hydrochloric acid in their stomach is low that is why they reach for a cookie not an apple, the good news is it only takes 2-3 weeks of eating salads with olive oil and apple cider vinegar to raise your hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach the vinegar helps the stomach digest the greens until your levels are normal

  9. Git Box
    Git Box says:

    Anyone know why he recommends no more than 5 servings of soy a day? I heard they mentioned ig4 1 thing but would like more info on that. I will often have a full block of tofu a day (spread throughout the day) and that has 5 servings. Occasionally ill have some other soy product like soy milk, so that might put me over?

  10. J. A.
    J. A. says:

    Great collab! Dr. G. mentioned the origin/country playing a role with arsenic content in brown rice, can you name some or tell more about? maybe a video or a link if there already is one? thx

  11. Skippy
    Skippy says:

    The Daily Dozen is the single best thing I've ever used in my 58 years! Dr. Greger and his team are the world I'd like to live in.
    ❤ Thank you Dr G for my quality of life ❤

  12. Casey
    Casey says:

    I’m confused about soy serving size. A typical block of tofu serving size is around 85-91 grams per serving and usually 4-5 servings per container. Where does the 5 grams per serving come from??

  13. P Lo
    P Lo says:

    Great interview – thanks. Just cannot wrap my head around the fact the Dr Greger so highly recommended the C-shot (along with Neal Barnard) and masks when clearly the research showed otherwise and millions of people getting injured. Sorry – I know controversial but had me question everything. Love your channel and keep up the good work!

  14. Annie Esther
    Annie Esther says:

    Concerning B12 and acne, I wonder if taking the mykind brand of spray B12 would be better for you? You said you tried many types, was that one of them? It's mixed with fruits and veggies, so perhaps your body would metabolize it better?

  15. patty 8873
    patty 8873 says:

    I used to be a huge fan of the doctor (I have all books and went to see him speak at a conference until he started to push THE vaccine. I thought he was evidence based. He’s a sellout.

  16. lexyny
    lexyny says:

    Aw when Dr Greger compliments your smart question about EPA/DHA 🥺
    We are all so proud of you for your contribution to the vegan movement!


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