Hunter Biden: CIA Asset? – RazörForce Offensive 38

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  1. @TheJaybrone
    @TheJaybrone says:

    The tribal lands in SD have been the poorest communities in the nation and have been that way for decades and decades. They’re drug and alcohol addled hell holes.

  2. @AnAceism
    @AnAceism says:

    As of May 7, 2024, the Canadian government is not imposing a fine on Canadians who want to leave the country. However, there are some tax obligations that departing Canadians need to consider, including:, they most certainly like to but currently this is not a thing (yet).

  3. @roflchopter11
    @roflchopter11 says:

    It's truly hilarious how, in response to her comments about illegal immigration, these people who were basically wiped out by immigrants are banning her from the territory that they exercise sovereignty over, aka prohibiting her from even visiting, much less integrating.

  4. @Wastelandman7000
    @Wastelandman7000 says:

    I did "deconstruct" my religion. Long story, Mostly stemming from my mom's death and questions about why the church can't go full Acts 2 when confronted with sickness and death. I still have questions.

  5. @kaitlint3987
    @kaitlint3987 says:

    I get the feeling the 25k exit tax is about keeping all the Indians and Pakistanis from going home (because God forbid housing prices not rise at rocket speed)or trying to get a "global talent" job with their new Canadian passports

  6. @aaroncasavant9874
    @aaroncasavant9874 says:

    I cannot in words express how thankful and how much I appreciate what you guys do and your point of view on the world we live in today no matter the topic … long live the iron age & rock on!! And thank you to the razorforce!!………..yall should check out the new accept album is absolutely molten metal!!

  7. @Dragonking1984
    @Dragonking1984 says:

    At this point a shorter list would be of the names of people who haven't been touted as a "Trump VP pick" Like it's a status symbol that you're one of the cool kids in school.

  8. @Biostasis5x7
    @Biostasis5x7 says:

    I was contacted via text about a poll. Looked it up, it was a legit company. So i filled it out.

    After that i got 1 every day for the next 10 days.

    They were very interesting. It asked my opinion on possible future state legislation for my state(colorado).

    They would pose the same question about the same legislation but it was worded differently.

    If i responded with an unfavorable opinion on the legislation, they would them posit a bunch of reasons why the legislation is good.

    Then it ask if those facts changed my opinion. And then they would ask about the initial legislation again, starting with the phrase "Now that youve been better informed about this legislation…".

    This format went on over the course of 6 to 8 different possible bills.

  9. @Joriko13
    @Joriko13 says:

    It's hilarious to me that Abortion has become this "ol'reliable" for the DNC…..and then I realized, the Liberal Party of Canada is attempting to do the exact same play to the Canadian Conservatives.

    Im stunned that these political advisors/PR people think this will make people angrier than "I can't afford to live in this country anymore" concerns.

  10. @BlackyBlackerson
    @BlackyBlackerson says:

    Bang on about election polls. I’ve been an eligible voter for about 2.5 decades. I’ve participated in nearly every election I’ve been able to vote in. I get robo texts and robo calls from political campaigns regularly, and I’ve NEVER been asked to participate in a poll. Not sure if it’s a target demographic issue or something similar.


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