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dollartreehaul #haulvideo #dollartree #LeighsHome Chocolates using Valentine’s Day Ice Trays: https://youtu.be/xVywD5D9b8g Products I use: Camera …
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  1. Crickets Nature
    Crickets Nature says:

    You hauled some of the best things I've seen in awhile. I love your idea of gifting the plastic totes. As of today (March 1) in New York State stores are no longer packaging your purchases in plastic bags – you have to provide your own. These totes would be perfect – except my stores aren't carrying them– YET. I wanted to add that the wine book is an amazing find. I would buy that and tuck it away for a future gift. Love the cat bags too – we don't have those either. Love your videos.

  2. delia guerra
    delia guerra says:

    I hope I can find the ice trays at one of our DT'S. I wouldn't fret about people making remarks about your sweets. Like the saying goes "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all." Words to live by. 👍👍👍🐰😏

  3. Dustan• KandKEats•
    Dustan• KandKEats• says:

    I’m subscribing off of this video alone. Really enjoyed it! I am the momma of 7, 5 are adults, 2 toddlers at home still. I always buy little things for them. Brush off those ignorant people who have nothing better to do than bully others! I love those cat stickers ☺️🖤 Haven’t seen the makeup yet but maybe soon!

  4. Hell's Headquarters
    Hell's Headquarters says:

    I'm sorry people are mom shaming you. I had read a rude comment on another one of your videos, I see nothing wrong with any of the stuff you got for your kids. There is nothing wrong with having treats. I love your hauls.

  5. Jo Bones
    Jo Bones says:

    There was a study done on ramen noodles……..they found that the stomach can't break down the noodles easily…….they did a scan on the stomach showing the noodles….and the difficulty in digestion……the video is on YouTube……..a must see for anyone who eats that particular food………….

  6. Lisa B
    Lisa B says:

    Shaped Sweet Tarts! Cute. I never noticed you bought so many treats for your kids. Was it maybe for holidays? I don't know why people have to Troll others by trying to shame them. Thrifty Tiffany tried the Goldfish nacho flavor on her haul and liked them. Cool wine book.

  7. Cristina Hernandez
    Cristina Hernandez says:

    You go ahead and spoil your adult children. I have two 25 and 28 both live out of town. Wish they were here and I too would buy them the stuff they like. Love your channel 👍🏼👍🏼😃

  8. iHeartPandas 7
    iHeartPandas 7 says:

    First I wanna say your hauls are awesome second shame on those people who mom shame u they need to mind their own business you are great and thoughtful and nice and keep shopping girl we love watching your hauls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Hi im new to your channel and would love to be friends.i love all the things u brought. That wine book and the other books . im from. Pa too i was wondering if u could please share the town where u brought the good stuff thanks


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