HUGE BUDGET-FRIENDLY VEGAN GROCERY HAUL: How Much do Vegan Groceries Cost in 2023?

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  1. Jo Jojo
    Jo Jojo says:

    Think about why „everything is a bit more expensive lately“… such a shame what happend to my favorite country Canada. It’s slowly turning into a socialist sh*thole.

  2. KatS Mediocre Life
    KatS Mediocre Life says:

    I was recently able to bump my monthly grocery budget from 10 US dollars to 20 US dollars. I basically just supplement whatever I can't get out of the blessing boxes that are around town or what people happened to just give me. I have a lot of dietary restrictions for health reasons as well as being plant-based. It takes work but being plant-based on an extremely low budget is definitely doable. Also I find it pretty wild how the cost of tofu ranges greatly from one store to the next. I pay under $2 for it but at places that are supposed to be cheap places to shop like Walmart it costs well over $3. So weird

  3. Karen Benavente
    Karen Benavente says:

    Youre right Rose, tifu does last a long time, ive had it a couple of months past the date stamped in the pkg. Like you said so long as its in the sealed container and theres no weird funky smell ill rince it in cold water and use it how I want to
    Great grocery haul 😊
    By the way i guess about $90.00 dollars USD 😂 I was very close huh

  4. LaFrileuse
    LaFrileuse says:

    I buy a lot of frozen vegetables, they keep forever in the freezer! I also buy tofu in the triple bricks (usually 5.99$ cad ) and freeze them. Some of my other staples like TVP, quinoa, dried beans, nutritional yeast, grains and nuts (mostly raw cashews to make faux mozarella) etc. I get at Bulk Barn. 🙂

  5. Danny D
    Danny D says:

    I cook my potatoes in my instant pot (saw one in its box in your office previous vlog) Cook for 15ish minutes on manual. Once cool, put in fridge. Then smash them and cook in air fryer for 20ish minutes and dip in ketchup our favorite sauce. Delicious.

  6. Tania
    Tania says:

    Hey Rose! Love watching your videos as always! I have a comment/question though about the plant-based bundle…shouldn’t all the creators in the bundle be plant-based or vegan? I see Simply Quinoa in the lineup and she is not…she posts eggs, meat, fish, etc. It’s a turn off for me and a deterrent to getting the bundle. Just wondered if the organizers knew she reverted back to eating animal products within the last year or so? She made a whole “why I’m no longer vegan” video…

  7. Kathy Dempsey
    Kathy Dempsey says:

    I would add frozen berries for topping porridge and only dry beans, not canned. I loved the groery hauls you did while you were living in London and that, along with meal prep videos, got me started watching your channel.

  8. JW
    JW says:

    Not vegan but I want a good silken tofu to beef up protein shakes because I have long work/school days. What kind is best. Also vegan mayo is gross because mayo is gross, sorry not sorry 😂


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