How to steam broccoli in the Instant Pot

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Getting perfectly steamed broccoli in the Instant Pot is so easy and hardly takes any time at all!

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43 replies
  1. reedblessed
    reedblessed says:

    Oops! I should have watched this video before I cooked my broccoli in the instant pot…LOL!!! Oh well, lessons learned (the hard way…LOL!). Thanks for sharing! ~watching from Norfolk, Virginia~

  2. Jennifer Chaney
    Jennifer Chaney says:

    False. You absolutely CAN cook broccoli florets in the IP. Set to ZERO minutes and quick release. The texture will be perfect. I do it all the time. As a matter of fact, I’m making some now. Also, a lot of the newer IP models have a steam function. You can always leave the vent open too.

  3. TheKr00n
    TheKr00n says:

    I do it this way but I used the Steam setting and it took more than 10 minutes on venting before I could open the pot. My veg was mushy. Do you know why this happens

  4. BarbaraAE
    BarbaraAE says:

    In the spring I make a variety of "steamed" veggies. Broccoli, cut up little red potatoes, onion, celery, cut up zucchini, cut up squash, etc. I cut it all up and steam in a big pot in a colander. How would I adapt that to the IP?

  5. Lynnette Siegl
    Lynnette Siegl says:

    Hi Karen
    Here's hoping that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!
    We had unexpected company over the holidays…… He finally found a store opened as I asked him to bring me some broccoli: I asked him to bring me a broccoli head ; he just found bits and pieces SO we became creative and tied them together with dental floss! It was amazing it WORKED!
    Just wondering will this method work for cauliflower?
    Thanks for all your great tips

  6. Lynnette Siegl
    Lynnette Siegl says:

    Hi Karen
    I did a BIG OPS to my Instant Pot. i needed to cook a bib pot of potatoes in my IP! I needed to leave the kitchen for just a moment; when I returned I realized something was wrong. Something had stuck to the bottom of the IP a piece of the potato pealing to the bottom of the pot ug! Now I have a burnt have a burnt piece on the element . Any suggestion on how to remove it?

  7. CarS
    CarS says:

    I've used the steam function for 0 min when I've cut up the broccoli 🥦 but I'm going to try your way next time to see if it stays a bit more firm. Just an FYI for those who don't know – if you hit the manual button twice and then set your time, the IP will not go into warming mode when it's done cooking.


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