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If you don’t like your hard cord refrigerated rice even after heating it up in microwave then see this trick. You may stop throwing those rice now onwards. All the …
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  1. Johnny Rotten
    Johnny Rotten says:

    its hard to understand with your accent… its seems good the video… You speak and you understand .. Im listening and cant figure out what your saying…. sry this happens in most to all accent speaking people… I figure if I was to speak lightning fast you also would say IDK

  2. David Liberis
    David Liberis says:

    Thankyou you so much for your advice because i had 2 bins of refrigerated fresh cooked rice cooked only in last couple of days and its not spoiled. It didnt need to be placed in dumpster just because it is hard. (A waste with so many people starving around the world). Thankyou again.

  3. Lex Luther
    Lex Luther says:

    wow…water was the key to everything….rehydrate is the answer to it all…you need water..pets need water..your food need a lil moist water…even your water need water….well you need drink water when you smoke lot of wehn cuz you pee a lot..if you pee a lot you lose water..btw cannibas plants needs lots of water as seedlings…anyways…WATER~~~!!!


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