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Here is a video to show you how to plant the seeds once the root is out of the seed. I hope this helps!
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  1. jeri martinez
    jeri martinez says:

    I’ve been using my instant for 2 days for my seeds after watching your video. My yogurt setting is for 8 hrs at a time. I forget to turn it back on. Love your videos. Great job!

  2. CheckDare
    CheckDare says:

    An excellent tutorial, clearly and lucidly explained.
    Thank you very much for the procedural, Lyanne. This senior is going to unpack an older Instant Pot to be used as a designated plant starter. May I also say, in passing, what a joy it is to read such well-written responses to viewers’ comments.
    I wish you every success.

  3. The Knotty Canuck
    The Knotty Canuck says:

    I’m sooooooooo glad I found you when I did! My instant pot was in my yard sale pile.🙂
    I rescued it, and just about to attempt this with broccoli, beets, swish chard, and cauliflower ❤️
    Wish me luck!

  4. Sheena Koe
    Sheena Koe says:

    Interesting! I want to buy a grow light but there are just so many options! Can I ask you what you use? This is my first year trying this. Just put 5 different seeds in the pot and we’ll see what happens! Excited! 😬

  5. Sas S
    Sas S says:

    Just watched the video with my Husband…he is going to try this next week…with Peppers and Eggplants in Peat Pods…in the InstantPot…we will let you know how it goes. Science!!! We are very excited to try this…such a great idea…thanks again…and keep making videos👍


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