How to make whole wheat sourdough bread

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I love sourdough bread. As I follow a Mediterranean diet, it was a priority to learn how to make whole wheat sourdough bread that …

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  1. Carla Morrison
    Carla Morrison says:

    I just started the Mediterranean diet Jan 1 and I have been looking everywhere for whole wheat sourdough with no luck , I so needed this video! Its been a while since I made sour dough, but thanks to you because I'm going to try whole wheat. One question, does your parchment paper hold up okay to 450' every time? Mine says its only good to 400' so I didn;t know if thats all paper or just mine.

  2. Chriss Hill
    Chriss Hill says:

    I'm glad you mentioned the blog name as I didn't see a link, but I found them ok on line. And they have the starter recipe, which I will need. I love your step by step directions to make this bread, and the way you described what to expect before you showed us. All the tips were very helpful and I'm thankful that you showed us how to do it. And I envied your breakfast. 🙂


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