How to make Vegetable Broth | Add plenty of flavor to your meals & reduce food waste

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I show you how to make Vegetable broth (vegetable stock) and reduce food waste at home. This is my secret ingredient which …

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    @thepearlatelier4256 says:

    i love that unique long necklace you have on and the lovely material of your top, looks so breathable and yet looks effortlessly chic. wow, dried mushrooms that your grandma handpicked, must be even more delicious, i had some mushrooms today too, i mixed it with my omelette. you are polish? have you seen Kane and Abel, i have seen and read the book, by Jeffrey Archer. if you have not, i will link it here, i absolutely love it. (this is part 1, you can see at the side part 2 & 3). can u show us how you do that vegetable pate?


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