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Pelau is the ultimate one-pot dish of Trinidad and Tobago: Yield: 10 Portions INGREDIENTS 3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil ½ Cup Brown Sugar 1 Whole Seasoned …

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  1. Lorraine A.
    Lorraine A. says:

    That pelau is wayyy overcooked!! Probably tastes good but I don’t like soggy rice. Haven’t had pelau in over 20 years living in NY, but although I don’t eat rice or chicken, I just got a craving after talking about Trini foods with my friends😩

  2. dennis martin
    dennis martin says:

    With my chicken pelau i use genuine coconut molk husk mih coconut drink d water grate mih coconut or blend n no water at all in my pot str8t coconut milk cooking my pelau two scotch bonnet pepper n gtated carrots a handful of corn optionL no punkin plenty chicken n pigeon peas n moist finish product n a dry or too wet n u good
    Men cook better done no


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