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Hello & Welcome❣️In today’s recipe we’ll be showing you how to make the perfect quesadilla. This is no ordinary quesadilla amigos! This quesadilla makes …
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  1. mzinimitable1
    mzinimitable1 says:

    Omgggggg my mouth is freaking watering!!!! Ima bootleg this recipe right now. I have shredded beef, gonna add chorizo to it, gonna add my Mexican cheese blend and add some tapatio after I fry them in my store bought corn tortilla 😭😭😭

  2. Cynthia Abner
    Cynthia Abner says:

    My babies and their tummies thank you! This was just as big of a hit as the conchas! I really appreciate that you take the time to truly show us step by step and give tips! Thank you for continuing to give us these amazing recipes! The little ones send a huge thank you to their You Tube tias! 💕

  3. kimmy0868
    kimmy0868 says:

    I made these last night!!!!!!! Made it comfortable for my home as I was beat from work, I used chi chi’s corn tacos, stuffed them with chilolio and cheese and fried in canola oil. Hubby went nuts for them!!! I’m always a lil conservative with salsa and used 2 green jalapeño and 2 Serrano, super dark char. Delicious!!!! Very crunchy!

  4. Lúvrene Bebe
    Lúvrene Bebe says:

    I remember from your street-food taco sides video that most people where you’re from eat it with radish and cucumber .
    I never seen that here in south Texas , here they don’t give any of that in the food trucks and taquerias … only ranchero beans & chips with salsa .

  5. R.m. knudson
    R.m. knudson says:

    I just love this! Yum! I have a thought…..there’s a couple that has their own channel, Joel and Mari. You both have the same vibe. A collaboration with them, wow! Well done as usual!

  6. EAT works
    EAT works says:

    Wow love it…yummy😊
    Thank you for sharing your amazing and mouthwatering recipe😄
    All the best and more success to your channel. Have a great day and GOD bless😁

  7. Roslyn Johnson
    Roslyn Johnson says:

    Hi there! This is not a comment on the delicious food you cook but a shout out to you and how you have changed. I have watched you over the year and congratulations on all the good things you have been blessed with like the new kitchen and your gorgeous looks 💞💞(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Keep up with all the improvements in your life you will never regret it! 🥮🍛🍱🍤🍤🥩🍨🍛🍰🍝🌭🍟🍕🍛🍲🌮🍕🍟🍩🍳

  8. Still Cheeky
    Still Cheeky says:

    I just found her the other day. This is the second video I've watched….I just LOVE her! She's so sweet and fun to watch, and I'm drooling watching her bite into these things.
    I don't even know what they're called because I was exercising and took a break and kind of watched a little bit here and there and then the part where she bites into it. 😋❤️

  9. Tamika Ulloa
    Tamika Ulloa says:

    So, I need to thank you and both . My husband passed away Really fast in January and it ruined me to the point where I stopped cooking. It hurt to much and reminded me of him. We have our punky and he missed my homecooking Ya know, so watching you Beautiful Ladies has encouraged me to cook for my Pappas and just watching his expression is like you Steph lol when you eat your food after each show.
    You both helped me remember how important and special a home-cooked meals is especially when made with PURO AMOR.


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