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  1. Mezmer
    Mezmer says:

    WHAT?????? DO NOT DRAIN THE FAT! I made that mistake when i first start cooking. the whole point of that fat (which isn’t really fat, it’s mostly water and juices being released) is to let it reduce and soften your meat. you’ll end up with tough gravelly meat if you do that. if you left the fat you wouldn’t need to add water! i’m shocked, honestly

  2. Erick Skrrt Skrrt
    Erick Skrrt Skrrt says:

    More cheese because its in the name not ur cheese but all mine. So dont be scare in dumping it . I like half of my chips sagging with cheese instead and the other half crunchy lol beat of both worlds

  3. victory yes
    victory yes says:

    amazing video. yummy food mmmm 🙂 If you can pls subscribe to my channel first because youtube wont let me subscribe until I get more people because I subscribe to many people then once youtube lets me subscribe again I will subscribe and watch yours to.


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