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The best instant pot air fry lid chicken . Will be showing you how to make the best air fryer chicken wings , I will be showing you all the ingredients used to …
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  1. grangershelly0
    grangershelly0 says:

    Gurl Friend! I came across your channel because I recently bought an Instant Pot at my local Costco, then I ordered the AF Lid …then saw your recipe for spicey wings w/the Fryer lid. I have to say I am so happy with the results, the heat level, and the crispness of my wings. I cooked them for 20 min at 400 but then did them after a liberal coating of Hot Sauce for another 4 min! I think they are better than the Oven method and far less Fat and Oil if you deep fry? I am stoked to make them again even though Wings have a lot of fat] I don't care!!! lol, Thank you for your recipe and your video! I saw you were going to get the Ninja Fryer but I hope you continue to experiment with the Fryer lid as I would love to see more recipes from your channel and hope to get more familiar with my AF Lid. I was hoping to give my hubby some wings to try but I ate them ALL!!! Hahaahaaaaa!!!!! Keep cooking and posting Gurl! Hugs!!!


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