How to make Delicious Oxtail Soup

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  1. esh1872
    esh1872 says:

    I love to buy oxtail from the Halal meat market or the live poultry market. They never ask you how many lbs you want, they just say- you want two or three tails. 😆. They were $10.99 per lb in my area for Father's Day.

  2. Diane C. DiDi
    Diane C. DiDi says:

    Hi Gina!!! Your soup today looks so…delicious 😋. I never had oxtail ever. I have seen it on my cooking shows and would like to try it. I just may make your recipe. So…mouthwatering!!! Oh yes!!! This is a great video. GOD be with you my friend.

  3. Lynne Kastner
    Lynne Kastner says:

    Hello Gina, i love your recipes, your videos, your channel. You spice things up like I do with LOTS of flavor!! And I love YOU. You are a beautiful, loving, caring spirit of light dear Gina Young!! Blessings to all!


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