How to Make Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic


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Test cook Dan Souza uncovers the secrets to Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic. Make Our Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with …
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  1. Brian D
    Brian D says:

    Try drying chicken, seasoning and working while handling 2 kids. Get it in the oven, pick my fresh rosemary, olive oil garlic, plate it with the sides.

    Undercooked. My day is ruined and my Disappointment is immeasurable.

  2. bubbabubba
    bubbabubba says:

    I made this delicious and juicy chicken in my deep skillet. Amazing! The downside was my smoke detector blaring every two minutes, and the need to open doors and windows in sub-zero weather. A plus side was that my oven got cleaned the next day. Don’t think I’ll be doing this recipe again.

  3. Ryan Kozak
    Ryan Kozak says:

    Request to all cooking Youtubers…
    When using ovens, please specify:
    -temperature in Fahrenheit and Celcius
    -rack position
    -heating method (top and/or bottom element, convection only, broiler, convection and a specific element)

  4. Carol Muscarello
    Carol Muscarello says:

    Try adding carrot, onion and celery to the inside of the chicken. Coat chicken with a mixture of mayonnaise, lots of minced garlic and cracked black pepper. Cover with paper towel and place in microwave for about 10 minutes. Remove paper towel and roast in oven to proper temperature. Yummy.

  5. D Reel
    D Reel says:

    I have many vintage cast iron pans, love them all. Just make sure when using, you never pop a cold pan into an extremely hot oven as the extreme temperature could crack it. Same on stovetop, always heat cast iron slowly. Love this recipe!!!!

  6. Claudio Fernandez
    Claudio Fernandez says:

    Zia Isotta would send these KOOKS to jail , with their thermometers and silly self fake humble simple whatever the fck ursaying! Galina con rosmarino e olio d'oliva . Puoi anche addicionare peppe/cipolla e aglio ! A gusto! GRAZIE ZIA!

  7. Shifra Baila
    Shifra Baila says:

    Well, I made this chicken tonight and was very satisfied – for the most part. The breast meat came out super moist, which is a first for me, which is one of the reasons I always chose the thigh. Unfortunately, I believe my oven is not hot enough because when I removed the pan from the oven (after 40 minutes, rather than 30), there was no “sizzle” when I placed the chicken in the pan. Even in the oven, the skin never got dark enough, so when I turned the chicken over I added the broiler in order to get some color and added paprika to help it move along. Nonetheless, I think this is the best chicken I have ever had. Thank you for this, I will definitely make it again and again and again.

  8. 趙雷
    趙雷 says:

    I always cook roasts using my cast iron skillet, it is the only way to go.

    I will definately give the method out lined in the video a go, looks like a winner 🤤

  9. Troy Larkin
    Troy Larkin says:

    I just acquired a nice cast iron skillet and first fried some bacon in it, cleaned and reseasoned it and now I'm off to get that chicken. It looks terrific! Thanks for the lesson!

  10. Helen Boula
    Helen Boula says:

    This is exactly how I roast my chicken in cast iron but I have aluminum foil on the bottom of the pan but I don't have the chicken wrapped up I have it exposed totally exposed

  11. Brenda Chapman
    Brenda Chapman says:

    Think I'm going to do the bake in my grill in the cast iron so not to smoke up the house then flip it over and finish. Love cast iron and my grill! Much Love and Blessings

  12. Wind Jammers
    Wind Jammers says:

    I made this today for Christmas lunch. When I tried to turn the chicken from the front to the back, the legs came off. 😉 I ended up with three pieces of chicken to turn. It was delicious.

  13. Stephen Ferry
    Stephen Ferry says:

    I did this recipe pretty much as demonstrated, and the chicken turned out great. Crispy skin, moist meat, very flavorful, and the recipe was easy to follow. Highly recommend.

  14. Mary West
    Mary West says:

    i'm going to try this i'm worried my skillet is too small. it's a 10 inch chicken fryer…do i just put the chicken in it before i even heat it to see if it will fit? if i do i will clean it and dry it before prepping the pan.


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