How to make cauliflower taste better than a donut! #cauliflower #recipe #italianfood

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  1. cvcv
    cvcv says:

    In cooking, to be creative, thinking out of the box is essential. I would have never come up with this, but I get it. I can tell this is delicious because my heart is beating fast.
    Thank you,
    Cristoforo Chicago

  2. Loncho
    Loncho says:

    That lady is beautiful! And I love her accent, "Theyar crunchy outside-ah, but soft inside-ah" is she Portuguese, Brazilian, or Italian? I love her!🥰

  3. AHHRO
    AHHRO says:

    Those look delicious! I'm starting to bring back more of our Sicilian culture here in the US, since our family kind of lost of a lot of their culture migrating here. Thank you for all your videos. They're creating a revival of culture for many families.


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