How to make Baked Potatoes in the Instant Pot! | Easy Dinner for your Family

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  1. Joshua Cormier
    Joshua Cormier says:

    This recipe worked well this time. I used my 6-in-1 Instant Pot Lux. First, I placed 6 potatoes on the rack and stuck it in the pot. I then added 1 cup of water. I put on the lid and kept it on the sealed setting, pressed the manual button, set it for 10 minutes. It then started by itself. I waited until it counted down, then let it count up to L20. I took off the lid and the potatoes were perfect! Just like a baked potato.

  2. coupon gal
    coupon gal says:

    I forgot how long to cook baked taters in the instant pot so I watched your video. I like the song you danced to but, I can't remember who sang it and the name.. Thanks

  3. RamanGoddess
    RamanGoddess says:

    Okay guys I have done this many time and for me 10 minutes is not enough time even with a natural release. I like my potatoes very very soft. it takes 20 minutes minimum and at least 10 minutes natural release to get them as soft as I like mine.

  4. perkol8ter
    perkol8ter says:

    For the longest time, I just couldn't get my potatoes to come out right, and I realized I wasn't dancing with my husband. Ever since then, I've gotten perfectly cooked potatoes, every time. Thanks Frugal Fit Mom!

  5. Mark Harvey
    Mark Harvey says:

    Okay, so 10 minutes pressure cook, followed by 20 minutes natural release/keep warm. Your potatoes look like they came out perfect but since this is supposed to be a tutorial you should stipulate that clearly; either at the beginning or as a recap a the end. Still, thank you for your video

  6. oolivmod
    oolivmod says:

    I just tried this recipe and it didn't work for me. I made 3 small red potatoes and set manual high pressure for 10 min added 1 cup of water and made sure it was on seal not vent. They sat for 20 min on natural release …. I even poked holes on the potatoes and it still didn't work.

  7. dj121
    dj121 says:

    Do you know what the most number of pounds of potatoes is that you can cook in there at one time? How many quarts is that instant pot that you have?


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