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  1. Jocelyn Smith
    Jocelyn Smith says:

    First of all, thank you for your cooking video. Secondly, the flavor in this recipe is awesome. I will say tho, the time of cooking does prepare this to an over well done piece of meat. Personally, I do like mine more along medium rare. I appreciate the recommendation and will try again but with less cooking time.😁

  2. Hemp Wick
    Hemp Wick says:

    I just got here, but you have a really pleasant voice(am a 28yo male, for reference).

    Enjoy your day, a better microphone can definitely help your channel out, people LOVE ASMR.

    You could talk just like normal, with the microphone near perhaps very close to whatever you are working with, just away from the camera.

    So when you shake salt or even rub the meat.. every movement and sound produces ASMR(autonomous sensory meridian response).

    You don't even have to tell people, plenty of youtube watchers would recognize it whether you did intentionally or not 🙂


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