How to improve blood flow popular diets compared, chapter 7 & 8

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Popular diets are compared. Image shows resurrection of Lazarus’s Johnson after changed to a low fat vegan diet. Other title of …

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  1. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith says:

    The slide with the comparison of diets is great! I'm in the Mcdougall range and with some baking of bread, which includes, advance glycation end products of course. I include some sugar also, and some salt for taste. I think there's pretty strong evidence for eating a good portion of dark leafy greens, but also the beans, in population studies. I would prefer not to eat white rice except even without burning calories daily on exercise, eating all the non-starchy and starchy foods takes effort for me. White rice is easy for me to consume a lot.

  2. Mark Wiener
    Mark Wiener says:

    What's up with the seeming fruit paradox? As in fruit has fructose, some fruits more than others but excess fructose is supposed to be bad. What's up with the rice paradox as in people that already are type II and eat white rice and almost immediately their feet tingle, etc? What's up with my Asian friend who was told to back off on rice because his TG is too high? What's up with McDougal's grocery store, loaded with salt soup mixes? What's up with people like in New Guinea and Remote Mexico that don't have heart disease but they don't live very long either? What's up with some MD's that insist 5% calories from fish is a good thing? Makes me think of fertilizer and plants. Not enough and not an optimal plant. Too much and not an optimal plant. And not all plants are happy with the same dirt, the same fertilizer or not and the same amount of water, or sunlight, or temperatures. Perhaps people are not all the same either! Contrary to Dr. E, there are those who, on his diet, had a wilted Johnson that recovered with a few sardines!

  3. Eileen Kast
    Eileen Kast says:

    If anyone is a date lover, they will love Del Real organic dates from California. I get a huge box that lasts me months and these dates are so moist and last forever. Just thought I’d pass it on

  4. Daragh O'Sullivan
    Daragh O'Sullivan says:

    I visited Esselstyn Jan 2020, and he strongly recommended eating a handful of lightly steamed greens 5 times a day for nitric oxide. He made a reluctant concession to an ounce of flaxseed for the omega 3.

  5. video1000nights
    video1000nights says:

    Dr. Rogers what are your thoughts on foods other often tell us have benefits: garlic, vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, cinnamon (db), nutritional yeast, ginger, mustard powder, hot peppers, mushrooms, chamomile tea, green tea, do you think any have important value. Do you have other “wives tales” foods you think are healthy or helpful? Any thoughts on white rice vs. brown rice?

  6. Laurie Harnicker
    Laurie Harnicker says:

    I just have to laugh every time I hear you talk about people referring to their chicken and fish and their good olive oil and how they think that is so healthy. Hopefully one day you might be in those Harvard medical textbooks along with McDougall, Ornish and Esselsytn.

  7. Laurie Harnicker
    Laurie Harnicker says:

    Quinoa = Keen wah. Such an informative video! I agree with eating organic. I still wash my veggies in a solution of vinegar and water anyway. Especially leafy greens. I'd like to see you do a cooking video with the instant pot!


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