How to Grill Chicken Breasts on a Gas Grill | Tips & Techniques

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Grilling moist and tender chicken breasts can seem impossible at times, but Chef Tom is here to show you proven techniques for …

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  1. SanDiegoUteFan
    SanDiegoUteFan says:

    Thanks, Tom. Solid instruction. I have been tinkering with grilling chicken for decades and do it pretty much like you've shown on my own Weber gas grill with a couple of changes.

    1. I like to fillet in half horizontally.
    2. Instead of brine I marinate the breast fillets (for at least a couple of hours) in a zip-lock with a quality salad dressing like Paul Newman's, Girard's or Lawry's .

    3. I cook at a medium-low temperature (320-325ish) for a bit longer for more juiciness.
    I whole-heartedly agree on the 155 final temperature, but I remove chicken from the grill and cover with foil for 5 minutes.

    Try it, you'll love it.

  2. OneSmellyTaco
    OneSmellyTaco says:

    If it's a thick chicken breast I preheat the grill to 350-400. I place the chicken there for 15 mins then turn it over. At 10-12 mins I get my thermometer and check the temp, if it's 165 then I take it out, wrap it in foil and rest it for 5 minutes. Comes out juicy everytime, unless it's windy, my gas grill is harder to regulate.
    Was curious on other methods.

    Edit: if it's a thin piece, I do 15 mins on one side and shave off time on the other, I might check it after 5,10,15 mins…depending on the size of the breast

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    So, he mentions two zones, but didn't specify which he used, or if he started on one (direct, until a nice sear -> then indirect until at/near temp?). Also, do we want the chicken brought to or close to room temp – or straight from the fridge? Thanks!

  4. christchild37
    christchild37 says:

    Dear Chef Tom, I like to marinate my chicken in Italian dressing or teriyaki sauce, but first, I'm wondering how long to marinate them, and second, how do I cook them after marinating them? I don't want to burn the outsides and have the inside raw still. Can you do a video about that as well? Thanks!

  5. Joseph Messner
    Joseph Messner says:

    That looks amazing….I’ve helped my dad grill for several years now, and just bought a gas grill for my wife and I a few weeks ago, so just getting a refresher before firing up the grill and his weekend!

  6. Richard G
    Richard G says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but… Why did you set-up two zone cooking, when it appears you only grilled using the hot / on side of the gas grill? I was half expecting you to put grill marks on the chicken, using the hot side of the grill, and maybe finishing on the side of the grill that was turned off (closing the lid to make the grill work more like an oven). Thank you.

  7. Eric George
    Eric George says:

    I always buy bone in skin on chicken breast. Everyone knows that the bone and skin keeps it moist. The other thing I see is people tend to overcook them. Once I get them browned up I turn the heat down and use a rectangular cake on on top to create a lid.

  8. Mike Emma
    Mike Emma says:

    does the 1/4 c salt + 1 qrt water brine differ depending on how many breasts one uses? Also, just imo, id love to see y'all use your own spice blends more often, once in awhile at least and list em out. Your channel is one of my fav's on the Tubes but not everyone can afford the prepacked branded spice mixes you use.


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