How to get in touch with Satiety on Keto | Keto Audit Podcast with Lisa Chrz

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  1. Danielle M
    Danielle M says:

    Great interview! I really liked the comment Lisa made about not letting food consume her but letting it be like a side note!! Me too-I want that as well!!! I really enjoyed hearing a view point from someone else participating in BBBE!!❤

  2. Margaret Terrebonne
    Margaret Terrebonne says:

    I joined the bbb&e this month but failed to drop all sweetener, just cut way down. I think I will give it up the last of the month. My stomach had a hard time adjusting, so I think I haven’t been eating enough but I refuse to give up. I’ve also tried slowing down when I eat.

  3. D Y
    D Y says:

    Dr Chaffee shares that meat stops tasting good when you are full. Seems liking eating slowly and then stop when you notice the meat doesn't taste amazing.

  4. Esther McGough
    Esther McGough says:

    Not doing BBB&E challenge. Hard to do for me at times. The State Fair of Texas starts Sep. 30 and mostly carnivore for 24 days with just a few days of veggies poped in. Keto for over 3 years -90 lbs. 63 years young. Electrolytes help me a LOT. stocked in my freezer rib eyes, burgers with bacon and cheese. Chicken and pork too.


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