How to Get Ahead for the Holidays! (Holiday Prep: cookie dough, pie crust, casserole)

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Are you already thinking about ALL the food you’re going to make this holiday season? Why not make it as SIMPLE as possible?? In this video, I’m going to …

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  1. Aiko Fujita
    Aiko Fujita says:

    So glad you are sharing your grandma’s secrets and your tips! Reminds me of my youth as my family ran a bakery and parts of the pastries and cookies had to be made ahead.

  2. Julie Carns
    Julie Carns says:

    Hey there gals, Love baking & cooking ahead for any event. I make broth ahead for my gravy & stuffing, mashed potatoes prepped with special ingredients to keep them creamy and grass fed beef purified lard from my bone broth to use in my pie crust and cookies. Make extra pie crust ahead for Turkey pot pie, too.
    Use a layer of parchment paper before aluminum foil to avoid aluminum toxins in your body. All the best, Julie 🌷

  3. Nancy Oren-Jezek
    Nancy Oren-Jezek says:

    Yay! This is great!!! Believe it or not I have never prepped for holidays so always sweaty hurrying around scurrying …stressed…This is pretty simple love it… Going to do it! Thank you so much


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