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How to Cook Perfect Basmati Rice in Instant Pot For 1 cup Basmati Rice add 1.5 cups water ( No need to soak ) Manual (or) Pressure Cook – 6 minutes Quick …
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  1. Busy Bees
    Busy Bees says:

    1 cup rice add 1.5 cups water(no soaking rice ) when the timer is done immediately Quick release . (But you can open the lid when you are ready to serve. If you soak basmati rice the time will change .

  2. S G
    S G says:

    Great will try..till now its been a disaster every single time! Tried with one cup and 1 12c and 2 c water..but I always soak for 20 minutes ..when do I do t he quick release..how soon after its done? I normally wait till that lil button goes down. .natural release. .thanx for our video..hopefully this method will work for me!!


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